Charitable Giving

At the Lost Arts, we believe in getting back to basics. This means not only rediscovering the arts that were lost and teaching them to the new generations, but it also means being conscientious and supporting the world we live in, to make sure it, like the arts, is around for generations to come. We believe in good health for the earth and all of her inhabitants. This includes, but is not limited to, organic farming, recycling, using chlorine-free paper products, conserving water, reducing toxins, pollutants, and greenhouse gasses, engaging in fair trade, preserving land and endangered animals, and supporting organizations that better the lives of others. Each year, The Lost Arts donates to local, national, and international organizations that actively support these causes.

  • BoobieQ for Project Chemo Crochet – Project Chemo Crochet is a new initiative, started by the Pink Warriors, to crochet blankets to comfort chemo patients during treatment. ┬áThese homemade blankets are designed to make the patient feel safe and warm knowing that they are surrounded by the love and support of so many near and far. The BoobieQ fundraising raffle event takes place in two locations in June 2014 to raise funds for shipping costs to have blankets distributed directly to patients. Via The Artisan Group, The Lost Arts is sending two Pink Ribbon Duck soaps to be raffled, along with numerous crocheted blanket squares made by the gals in our crochet circle at Only Ewe and Cotton Too.
Pink Ribbon Ducks smaller

Pink Ribbon Duck handcrafted glycerin soap

Granny Squares smaller

Crocheted granny squares for Project Chemo Crochet

  • The National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Walk MS – This is a cause that is near and dear to us. We at The Lost Arts have friends and family who struggle daily with this disease, as well as loved ones who have lost their lives to it. We are proud to support one of our team members in her annual walk in memory of her father. The money raised is used to research a cure as well as to better the lives of those living with the disease.
  • The American Heart Association – Who doesn’t know someone affected by heart disease?! We make an annual donation to the AHA through our local schools and their fundraising programs.
  • The Art of Elysium – The Art of Elysium is a nonprofit organization that encourages working artists, actors, and musicians to voluntarily donate their time and talents to children who are battling serious medical conditions. In May 2013, they were seeking gift bag items for facially disfigured boys at LA Children’s Hospital. The Lost Arts jumped on this with enthusiasm and donated a box full of “Building Block” soaps in assorted colors.
Building blocks scaled

Building Blocks handcrafted glycerin soap

  • Life Center for Autism – This foundation was established to address the social needs of individuals struggling with autism and its related disorders. With each purchase we make from Wholesale Supplies Plus (and we make lots!), we make a donation to this federally recognized nonprofit organization, which is then also matched by WSP.